Sea freight offers the opportunity for convenient shipping. Traders around the world have used the oceans to transport goods for centuries. With ACT GLOBAL we were inspired by these ancient traditions in synergy with modern processes and systems.

We offer both container load transport (FCL) and consolidation load container (LCL) on first class carriers for major destinations around the world. Our team is available to show you our most convenient shipping routes, transit times and schedules.

We also organize ground transportation to and from the port and the consolidation and logistics planning depot. This is a complete home service. The whole insurance process is managed by us, leaving you the peace of mind that your load is in safe hands.

Through advanced technological tools we can monitor the progress of your shipment, from departure to destination.

Our services include :

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We are specialists in air transport and our extensive network ensures that your cargo is transported easily, efficiently and reliably.

We have established partnerships with the main international airlines that share our desire to insure your goods and guarantee their delivery on schedule.

We organize the safe transport of all types of goods; from the large and complex load to small, fragile elements and highly confidential documents. The fleet for air transport is particularly effective even for time sensitive loads.

We organize the transposition from start to finish. This includes land transport to and from the airport, consolidation and storage warehouse and of course airline paper. For convenience, we proudly provide door-to-door service.

We also provide for cargo insurance, customs clearance and distribution. This ensures that all aspects regarding the forwarding of your goods are entirely up to us.
Our team of experts can help you organize the air transport of your goods as you prefer.

Our services include:

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At Atlantic Integrated Freight, we integrate our years of experience in the forwarding industry to deliver your cargo
using the most effective means possible.
We provide unique logistics solutions that are tailored to meet your needs.
We also have experience in shipping bulk cargo and heavy machinery required for refineries and power plants.
Over the years, we have earned the respect of our peers and customers as a reliable and effective partner. The team
assigned to your project will provide any special equipment required and will survey the route and transfer points,
arranging for modifications to roads and structures where necessary.
From start to finish, your cargo will be under the watchful eyes of our project management team.
Atlantic Integrated Freight project team members are professionals with a wealth of experience and thorough
understanding of global transportation systems.
They will work with you from start to finish and provide the highest level of service.

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ACT GLOBAL has established a regional network to
provide the one-stop service of air, ocean, ground transportation
and warehousing including the customs clearance service through
numerous partnering companies.
ACT GLOBAL has constructed close relationship with
customs offices of major countries and partnered with customs
clearance experts to minimize unnecessary delays and storage charge.

Advantage of ACT GLOBAL Customs Clearance Service
          • Partnerships with local customs clearance experts who understand customs laws and regulations to minimize
              the delay of transportation
           • Consultation and guidance of any customs clearance issue, duty and tax information is available including preparation
              of necessary documentation

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ACT GLOBAL warehouses are strategically located at
primary locations in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Milan, Paris to provide
total logistics service including the management of customer’s supply
24hour surveillance cameras and high-tech security management
systems are installed to preserve the security of the shipment.

Advantage of Atlantic Integrated Freight warehouse service
          • ACT GLOBAL own warehouse program is in place to minimize the delay and maximize the speed of in
              and out of the shipment for on time delivery service
           • Offers value added services such as documentation, stock reports, packaging, labeling and repair based on years of
                accumulated know-how
Own warehouse, 24hour security camera and X-Ray machine are few of many advantages that can securely store
customer’s valuable cargo

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