Our company operates in international trucking transportation for moving the shipments of both import and export to/from Indonesian area. Because of Indonesian strategic location we are able to fulfil trucking transportation to many countries. We have an office in Surabaya, Jakarta, Semarang, Pandaan and agents in other ports of Indonesia so we can pick up the shipment that has arrived to Indonesia by sea and transit them by truck to other area
We are dedicated to providing our customers with individual and best transportation services guaranteed to fully satisfy their needs. We offer you transport services according to your requirements.

Customer Services

All our trucks meet the latest technological standards. This guaranties fast delivery and high safety for your cargo.we fill the gap of communication between customer, driver, pickup and delivery locations. We are committed to fulfill our customers’ demands promptly and adequately.

Trucks and Equipment

Our road transportation vehicles include standard and specialized trucks with full trailers and semi-trailers. Managing our own fleet of trucks empowers us with additional flexibility to respond to customer’s requirements, and enhances our quality control. Our trucks and equipment allow us to transport a wide array of cargo types.

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